FUJITSU design award 2011 shortlisted entry: Flexbook

Fujitsu Flexbook 544x350px
(credit: Hao-Chun Huang via Design Boom)

folding computer concepts aren’t new. in fact, we thought some of the concepts look rather ridiculous that we had to give them a miss but not this concept device designed by Taiwan-based designer Hao-Chun Huang. dubbed the ‘Flexbook’, this concept was a shortlisted entry in the recent designboom competition ‘A life with future computing’, supported by FUJITSU.
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the Flexbook is a multi-use computer in which both its 21:9 screen and waterproof keyboard are foldable, thanks to its flexible structure with a center joint. its flexibility and its 180-degree swivel touchscreen provides a wide range of viewing configurations which enables this device to be used as either a tablet or laptop and when completely folded, the Flexbook itself serves as a case. Hao-Chun Huang also has the aesthetic department well covered. this device features a swappable rubber skins that users can purchase online for a customized look in terms of colors and patterned textures.

really gorgeous design. now all we are short of is the technology to ensure a seamless foldable screen and also some manufacturers who are daring to produce this. i think the colors of the concept did quite a bit in extruding a sense of cheerfulness and fun to use factor.

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Fujitsu Flexbook 800x600px Fujitsu Flexbook 800x600px Fujitsu Flexbook 800x600px

Fujitsu Flexbook 544x600px

via ‘flexbook’ by hao-chun hung – ‘FUJITSU design award 2011’ shortlisted entry

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