looking for a lightweight second desktop that has the footprint that’s smaller than a Mac mini? then the Cubieboard miniature computer might just be a worthy candidate. so what exactly is a Cubieboard? well, simply put, it is a Linux-powered PC that fits right in your pocket and that’s all to it. how are you going to utilize it is limited by your geek-creativity and imagination. Cubieboard is also totally suitable for other operating system including Android, Ubuntu and other Linus distributions and as such, you could even turn it into a media center based around Android TV. how cool is that? we think it is super. hard specs include a 1GHz ARM Cortex processor, Mali 400 graphics, 1GB of DDR3 RAM, 4GB of internal Nand flash storage, full HD 1080p video output via HDMI, Ethernet port, a pair of USB ports, a mini USB port, a microSD cards slot, a serial port, a SATA port and built-in Infrared sensor. all you need is your own power supply, input devices (keyboard and mouse), display and you are pretty much good to go. but that’s, of course, assuming you know what you are dealing with. the best part is, it will be very gentle on your wallet. the basic kit that includes the Cubieboard, a SATA cable as well as a USB power cable, cost only $49, while for a pricier $72, you will score yourself a USB breakout, USB WiFi dongle, serial to USB cable, plus a case, in addition to whatever its in the basic kit. awesome stuff.

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Cubieboard via DVICE

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