It is no secret that our hearing deteriorate as we age. Well, most of us do anyways. Such natural degeneration means there is need to protect our hearing. However, that does not mean we should sacrifice personal audio enjoyment and eschew headphones entirely. This is where Puro Sound Labs comes in.

The company, which specializes in making hearing-safe headphones for kids, has introduced a new pair of hearing-safe audio cans for adults called PuroPro ANC Headphones. Sporting a minimalist, but sleek design, the PuroPro is an active noise cancelling adult headphones with volume limiting feature.

PuroPro ANC Volume Limited Headphones

The headphones is volume limited to 85 dB for up to 8 hours per day, and 95 dB for up to 50 mins per days, as per WHO’s recommendation. And it does so without sacrificing audio quality.

Featuring Puro Balanced Responsive Curve technology, PuroPro promised to deliver “clear, crisp vocals and full dynamic bass suitable for all genres of music” while Digital Noise Reduction Technology, which has two adjustable ANC levels, ensure you can enjoy your favorite audio, be it music or podcasts, without disturbance.

Other highlights include Bluetooth 5.0, a foldable design with matching hard cover carrying case, up to 28 hours of playtime with ANC (or a whopping 32 hours without), 2 EQ settings, and no les than 5 built-in microphones (4 for ANC and 1 for comms).

Puro Sound Labs PuroPro ANC Volume Limited Headphones will sell for US$199.99 when it becomes available on and on Amazon starting June 19, 2020. Pre-order is happening on Puro Sound Labs’ website now.

PuroPro ANC Volume Limited Headphones

Images: Puro Sound Labs.

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