Man Built A Working Miniature Apple II Computer And You Can Too

While many of us reminisces about the tech of the bygone era by talking about it occasionally, video game engineer Chris Larkin went about recreating it. In Chris’s case, he have a special affinity with the classic Apple II computer which he had as a kid and so he decided why not build one since […]

Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry Is A Tower PC That Slips Right Into The Pocket

They say the smartphone in your pocket is equivalent to a powerful PC, but truth be told, it hardly is because even with crazy processing power, it still can’t do what a full-fledged PC can. That said, if you want full-fledged PC performance, you ought to have a real PC or at least a laptop, […]

MSI’s New Palm-size Cubi N Mini-PC Boasts Intel Brawell Processor That Sips Just 15W of Power

With mini-PC getting more powerful and smaller, it is a wonder if there’s still a place for standalone DVD/BD players. That’s just a thought, because looking at what MSI’s newest palm-size PC, Cubi N, has to offer, we really think things will not end up well for traditional standalone players. Heck, we didn’t think media […]

Kangaroo is Pocket-friendly Desktop PC That Lets You Use Windows 10 Anywhere That Has a Display

You must be wondering what was going through the mind of the creators of Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Computer. I mean, there are already PCs-on-a-stick, which are definitely way more portable than a slab that’s about the size of an iPhone 6s Plus. Well, how should we put it? You see, PC-on-a-stick is the bare minimum […]

University of Michigan Developed a Working Computer That’s No Bigger Than a Grain of Rice

Clearly, 2015 is not quite the future as some of us might have anticipated and I doubt 2025 will be any different from today, but that’s probably just on the surface because there are countless researchers and scientists working behind the scenes in the name of a better future. One such invention born out of […]

Cubieboard Miniature Computer

looking for a lightweight second desktop that has the footprint that’s smaller than a Mac mini? then the Cubieboard miniature computer might just be a worthy candidate. so what exactly is a Cubieboard? well, simply put, it is a Linux-powered PC that fits right in your pocket and that’s all to it. how are you going to utilize it is limited by your geek-creativity

ZOTAC ZBOX Nano VD01 – affordable palm size media PC

i am not quite sure if media center PC has anymore steam in them but anyhow, apparently ZOTAC, the maestro for mini-PC, thinks so. it has recently announced its latest addition to its…