You know what fascinates us with regards to off-road (skate)board? Track(s). If it has track(s), we are already half-sold. Just half. So, naturally, when we first lay eyes on the Track1, we are, well, half-sold. Though we can’t say the same for the price. But more on that later. Seriously, look at this thing. It has oversized wheels wrapped in off-road requisite knobby tires and a wide, low-profile track that makes it perfect for some serious all-terrain actions. And it is not just any track. The track was designed from the ground up for Track1 and it is where the magic is being turned out.

Track1 Off-road Half-track Skateboard by Flux Design Co

It is the ‘control center’ of the board where you can find the powertrain, directional control, thrust and traction. Flux Design Co., the Seattle-based company behind Track1, said the track is perfect balance between having a large mud tire and a street tire, thus affording Track1 to take on virtually any terrain with the smoothness of street tires. I ain’t no track-nut, but if you ask me, I think the track might just well be the most beautiful track we have seen.

Track1 Off-road Half-track Skateboard by Flux Design Co

Track1 is powered by a lone electric motor rated at 5 HP that allows it to make up to 20 miles an hour (32 km/h) and tackles up to an insane 50 percent incline. An onboard battery offers a 12 miles (19 kilometers) range per 3-hour charge. Everything looks to be in place as off-road adventure (with an eBoard) is concerned, but there’s just one problem: the price. And how much are we talking about? Nearly 2 grand, or $1,995 and up to be precise. Ouch.

And that’s the heavily discounted introductory price on Indiegogo, btw. The price point lands it squarely on the ‘big boy toys’ category where most ‘toys’ command a princely sum. The prohibitive price is probably the key reason why its endeavor on Indiegogo is so lackluster. It is really unfortunate. Really, it is. It is such a cool ride. Anyways, you can find out more about the Track1 in the video below, or hit what its campaign page to pick up more details.

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Images courtesy of Flux Design Co.

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