Car Design Fetish’s Batmobile Design Competition winners

Batmobile Design Competition Winners 544x408px
(credit: Car Design Fetish)

Batmobile has been the fantasy ride for both kids and grown ups alike. the crime-busting superhero’s ride has inspired awesome real life replicas such as the Tumbler, BatPod and even the 60s classic batmobile. as with all iconic things in life, fans have their ideal take of the ride for the Dark Knight – even one that is destined for use when the cape crusader retires. Car Design Fetish’s Batmobile Design Competition is a testimony of this. the competition saw hundreds of designs from artists from around the world, covering a wide spectrum of genre. i called it genre, because there’s one particular design that speaks of ‘pimp my ride’ R&B/hip hop influence, something that reminds of Xzibit. hit the jump to view the creations from the top winners along with designs with honorary mentions. designer Paul Denton walked away with the top spot for the US-category while Matt Gould took away the top honor for the International-category with his sleek rocket-like batmobile.
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Batmobile by Paul Denton (US-category winner) 900x400px Batmobile by Matt Gould (International-category winner) 900x400px Batmobile by Peter Cansfield (honorary mention) 900x400px Batmobile by Leonardo Magana (honorary mention) 900x400px Batmobile by Fernando Hernandez (honorary mention) 900x400px Batmobile by Matt Gould (2nd entry / honorary mention) 900x580px Batmobile by Yan Gostev (honorary mention) 580x900px Batmobile Sketches by Tim Jester (honorary mention) 900x400px

Car Body Design via Trendhunter

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