pop question: what can you do with a chop saw, a reciprocating saw, a drill press, a Lincoln Electric power Mig welder and 4 years? no idea? well, you probably can construct a real-life batmobile tumbler. that’s what Bob Dullam did. i am totally astounded. just looking at the photos is enough to make me drool.

Armed with nothing but a copy of the movie DVD and production stills, Bob Dullam, of Kalamazoo-Michigan, built this awesome drivable machine from scratch in his two-car garage with no heat, poor lighting and no air conditioning. looking at the result, i am sure Bob’s mold-making and prop-making experience did help in this creation. guess what? there was no blueprints to reference to. oh man, this is more than just awesome.

virtually every item on the car was scratch built, except for tires, rims and rear axle, including the the triangulated 4-link rear suspension, and the front suspension. unlike some custom builder, Bob chose to built the chassis along with the body instead of building the chassis then the body or vice versa. along the building process, Bob constantly check on his work against his own visualization.

real-life batmobile Tumbler that actually drives - Bob Dullam Tumbler

real-life batmobile Tumbler that actually drives - Bob Dullam Tumbler
no… this isn’t a scene from the Dark Knight

the body made of epoxy resin and reinforced with fiberglass mat. power is transmitted from the 350CI GM ZZ4 V8 crate engine (roughly 355 horses) via a TCI Turbo 350 automatic box to 2 pairs of massive 44-inches Super Swamper tires at the rear. steering is via rack and pinion complete with an aviation-style steering. wow.

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if you are looking to get one this – you can’t. the Bob’s tumbler is not for sale – no matter how big or deep is your pocket.

real-life batmobile Tumbler that actually drives - Bob Dullam Tumbler
doesn’t this looks like a set from the Dark Knight?
real-life batmobile Tumbler that actually drives - Bob Dullam Tumbler
the 44-inches Super Swamper tires – just like in the movie

and a shot clip of the Tumbler drive-by…

via Daily Planet & Gizmag

check out Bob Dullam website and report on Lane Automotive newsletter (WINTER 2010).

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    1. its awesome, i say. wish to have one but it isn’t for sale. i never really like the Dark Knight, well, at least not the movie version but the i love the Dark Knights hardware from the movies!

  1. wow, that is awesome!!! where do you live, i think that an older couple, Myles and Carol Christian, from my church live on that road and i would love to come and see it?

  2. Bob, Im a huge batman fan. Its nice to see more of us out there! I live in Monroe MI not too far from u. just a suggestion but if u wanted to make a little money people of Monroe would definitely pay to see your amazing Machine at the county fair in august! also as your next project u should try the batman motor cycle from the dark knight.

  3. sorry, Cjbrax1 and Shaun. i am not bob. however, you can head on to his website and try contacting him. 

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