ICON Playstation 3 MOVE Battle Rifle

Icon Playstation 3 MOVE Battle Rifle 544px
(photo source: i-con-products.com)
Playstation 3 shooter may want to check this item out. the ICON PS3 MOVE Battle Rifle a realistic-looking attachment for your, MOVE… what else? unlike the XBOX Kinect counterpart, PS3 shooter junkie will at least get closer to the action with this attachment. aside from being light weight as claimed by ICON, the attachment features a modular design which allows player to “modify the appearance of the gun to match the style of game you are playing” and it has textured grip to make sure your rifle don’t slip-off in the heat of the battle.

judging from the photos, the MOVE glowing ball looks more like a tactical flash light – but its on top of rifle instead of under the front guard. i am not sure about the accessibility of the MOVE buttons which seems quite far from where you would hold the rifle, perhaps for big hands like me shouldn’t be a problem. the ICON PS3 MOVE Battle Rifle is not available yet but interested shooter, i mean gamer can pre-order from amazon.com.

via CRAVE.

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