yet another Japan-only campaign, at least for now. there's no announcement of 3D imaging device from Nikon, but this Japan...

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yet another Japan-only campaign, at least for now. there’s no announcement of 3D imaging device from Nikon, but this Japan-only service converts 2D image to 3D image at the online storage portal my picturetown 3D. these converted images can then sent to others or share with your friends online. however, you will need the Nikon NF-300i 3D digital frame to view the converted pictures.

the Nikon NF-300i features a 7.2-inch LCD panel with lenticular lenses on it which allows user to view the images in 3D without the use of 3D glasses. the 3D picture frame is not available for sale but it’s available for loan at ¥1,995 (US$24) per month or ¥19,950 (US$244) a year. not surprisingly, terms and conditions do apply. with the rental price, comes with up to 3 free 3D conversion after which each conversion cost ¥300 (US$3.66) per image. wow. that’s kind of pricey, eh?

in my opinion, Nikon is promoting its NF-300i 3D digital picture frame more than the portal. the portal could be just a promotional tool to push for the usage of NF-300i and at the same time generates some form of return to cover it’s operational cost. if that’s the case, it could be an effective strategy, at least when the novelty-factor is still present. it also helps to hold the consumers’ interest in Nikon’s 3D products, till Nikon actually announces further developments. wise choice. rather than letting your potential consumers flock to other manufacturer. maybe not as impressive as launching a physical 3D imaging device but this will at least keep the interest high, and possibly the anticipation mood going.

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