drive yourself up the wall with TRON Zero G Light Cycle

TRON Zero G Light Cycle 544px(photo source:
can’t enough of TRON? how about owning one of those Tron Legacy Zero G Light Cycle? i’m not kidding you. really. you can own of those for just £34.99 (approximately US$55) . yeah, you heard it right. but wait, it’s a toy, actually. never mind.

this toy is based on the movie TRON Legacy. you know that movie that probably will dazzle your vision with their neon lights? TRON Legacy Zero G Light Cycle is capable performing anti-gravitational maneuver by zipping up on your walls and across the ceilings. all thanks to it’s advanced vacuum technology which make the toy sucks – literally. don’t you just love movie-ups?

the cycle is remotely controlled via an infra-red transmitter, which is also it’s charging station. cool. neon bodysuit and helmet are optional.

visit FIREBOX.

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