Chopper City BatPod Replica: super heroes required

Chopper City BatPod Replica 544px
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i’m not a huge fan of the Dark Knight, but the vehicles the cape crusader uses are something i wish i had in real life. and here it is the real life BatPod… replica built by Dave Welch. named the PS-POD, it is powered by a 850cc V-twin engine from Aprillia Mana. needless to say, a lot of metal bending and rolling has gone into reproducing the Dark Knight 2-wheelers complete with grappling hook and mock up guns.
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there’s no carbon fiber, no fiber glass or any other composite involved – this is a pure mean metal machine. well, you don’t need anything shiny and fancy when you are out fighting crime, do you? this is probably the only 2-wheelers that has tires wider than a stock Dodge Viper rear wheels. wow. performance aside, this POD looks awesome! my take is, it would be even better if the whole POD is in matt black.

judging from the video it looks rather tedious to corner. so i guess it the PS-POD is not an easy bike to tame but the sound from 850cc V-engine & the custom exhaust is… priceless.

usually i try not post too many pics but the PS-POD is simply irresistible. so more pics it is and also video on this awesome machine…

Chopper City BatPod Replica - side profile 544px
from the side. i guess it will look even more authentic with a coat of matt black paint.
Chopper City BatPod Replica - Tail-Gunner Rotary Cannon exhaust 544px
is that a Gatling gun? i mean it's the exhaust custom by Dave Welch
Chopper City BatPod Replica - the hub-steered front end 544px
the front end is hub-steered
Chopper City BatPod Replica - front 544px
the front end with the mock-up weapons complete with the grappling hook
Chopper City BatPod Replica - grappling hook up closed 544px
if didn't catch the grappling hook, here it is up closed
and the video…

visit Chopper City USA website.

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