while the engineering behind the ridiculously expensive Bugatti Belt Buckle is an undisputed awe-inspiring feat, it is definitely not a belt for everyone (obviously), but the Wheelmen & Co. Buffalo Hook Belt you see here is no less impressive when it comes to how you belt up and definitely at a way more earthly price. between having no holes (and mind-boggling pricey) and having holes, the Buffalo Hook Belt has loops or miniature holsters of sort that literally let the hook belt buckle hook up and thus holding your pants up with absolute style. how many times you come across a belt that hooks up instead of punching through holes? rarely, as we would have imagined, which makes this one heck of a fashion statement.

the belt itself is of genuine oak Buffalo leather and the hardware is a true hoof hook originally used by equestrians. available in dark oak, light brown or black to suit individual fashion taste, the Wheelmen & Co. Buffalo Hook Belt is a must have if waist line attention is what you crave. the Wheelmen & Co. Buffalo Hook Belt can be yours to own for a down-to-earth sticker of $94 and did we mention that it comes with an elegantly rustic wooden box? yes. apparently it does, which needless to say, pushes it up a notch up the style chart – even though you will not be wearing the box on your waist. another look at the belt after the break.

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Wheelmen & Co. Buffalo Hook Belt

Wheelman & Co. via Man of Many

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