You know? Life is chock full of coincidences. Just the other day I was discussing with my wife about how medieval people kept their nasal hair in check and then I saw this: Ray Gun Nose Hair Trimmer (officially, according to Firebox, just Ray Gun Nose Trimmer). Though it does not answer my burning question, it does gave me idea that maybe those Star Trek folks had something like this. Why? Because, Ray Gun. Duh.

Ray Gun Nose Hair Trimmer

Before we go on, let me share with you my little dirty secret: I have overly active nasal hair that are like hyperactive puppies that always can’t wait to get out to, you know, have some fresh air. I use a pair of purpose designed scissors, but it is, well, lets just say that it is one grooming routine I don’t want anyone to see. But this? This one here makes me want to scream, hey look, “the futurist is zapping his nasal hair” (it is not actually a laser equipment, btw).

Ray Gun Nose Hair Trimmer

Damn. This is absolutely quirky! Love it. I also realize something about this novel nostril hair buster: it does make you look like you are trying blow your brains out when you stick it into your nose. Then again, whoever see you doing that will tell you that’s not how you do it. The right way, they will say, is to point it at your palate of your mouth. Then you will be like, “but my mouth doesn’t have any hair!” OK. I know. It is a bad joke.

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Anyways… if you find yourself in need for a “high-tech” (or at least one that looks high-tech) solution to your hairy issue in your nostrils, you can pick one up from Firebox for $16.99, or you can find it on Amazon going for $19.98. And oh, it is a product of Fred & Friends, in case you are wondering… Also the official name is apparently Atomic Trimmer.

Ray Gun Nose Hair Trimmer

Images: Firebox.

Source: Technabob.

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