Treadwall by Brewer’s Ledge Inc.

Treadwall by Brewer's Ledge Inc.
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rock climbing is an excellent form of exercise but honestly, while strength and endurance determines the success of a climber, there’s an even massive barrier: acrophobia or the fear of height. even if you are not particularly fear of height, it helps if you could practice your climbing methodology in a safe environment which puts installing a rock climbing wall in your home out of question. the latter could expensive as hell and you still face the risk of falling, though we have to admit that a rock wall in house will look pretty dope. anyway, this where the Treadwall from Brewer’s Ledge Inc. becomes an attractive proposition for your rock climbing/vertical wall climbing exercise needs. so what’s a Treadwall? in simpler term, it is a vertical treadmill that instead of running, let you scale the ‘rock wall’ stationary. the best part about it is, it works without need for noisy motor as the wall rotates, aided by the user’s body weight. the particular model you see here, the M4, has a climbing area of 10 feet high and 4 feet across, Treadwall by Brewer's Ledge Inc. and features adjustable angle from +5 to -20 degrees, to suit different level of climbing skills. since it works on the climber’s body weight, the wall will stop moving once the user stops and therefore, eliminates any risk of user being ‘pulled’ by the machine. other features include adjustable speed to suit individual climber’s comfort level, unlimited hold configurations ranging from simple to more advanced terrain, and it comes equipped with a digital pace and distance monitor. the M4 comes with 30 holds and a floor mat. there’s also a M6 model, which measures 6 feet wide that comes with a choice of freestanding or wall-mounted version. as for the price, you will have to request from the folks over at Brewer’s Ledge Inc.

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note: image by Andy Prhat / Treadwall.

Treadwall via Inhabitat

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