Call me a purist or whatever. I cannot accept anything other than the original Star Wars trilogy. In other words, any merchandise outside of the trilogy does not appeal to me. However, if you are a super fan of the Star Wars franchise, regardless of shape or form, the LEGO 75309 Star Wars Republic Gunship is for you.

LEGO 75309 UCS Star Wars Republic Gunship

LEGO 75309 Star Wars Republic Gunship is a UCS set fans have voted for. The Republic Gunship is, of course, straight out of 2002’s Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. The same spaceship was also featured in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

This is super big set, packing 3,293 pieces and along with it, some pretty mind-blowing details that may make me disregard my dislike for anything outside of the trilogy. I can’t deny the Republic Gunship is in itself a beautiful spaceship and from the looks of it, LEGO has did some justice to its appearance both in the film and the animated series.

LEGO 75309 UCS Star Wars Republic Gunship
This is how big the LEGO 75309 UCS Star Wars Republic Gunship is.

This set also marks the very first time the RG gets the Ultimate Collector’s treatment and for that, it does boast quite a number features which include swing-out spherical gun turrets, 2 pilot cockpits, 2 super long wings and opening sides and rear hatch.

The set comes with a display stand as a UCS set should and two minifigures, namely Mace Windu and Clone Trooper Commander. When completed the model measures 13 inches (33 cm) tall, 29 inches (74 cm) wide, and stretches 27 inches (68 cm) long.

LEGO 75309 UCS Star Wars Republic Gunship

LEGO 75309 Star Wars Republic Gunship not only demands some serious shelf real estate; it is equally demanding on your bank balance too as it will run you back at a princely-to-the-toy-world US$349.99. The set will be released on August 01, 2021.

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All images courtesy of LEGO Group.

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