KONDITION: A Workout Bench That Will Not Make Your Living Looked Like A Gym

If you own a workout bench, or had a few before, you will notice it lacks of storage. Perhaps it was intentional so, you know, businesses can sell you a matching storage for your dumbbells. If that was the reason, then I believe businesses won’t be amused by what U.K.-based industrial designer, Oliver Perretta, has […]

Man Bag Fitness Sandbag Kind of Make Gym Equipment A Non-necessity

We do not dismiss the benefits of hitting the gym. Each piece of gym equipment is designed with specific muscle group in mind, but lets face it: not everyone has the time to go into specifics, much less hitting up the gym. So, why not save yourself the hassle of the commute (to the gym) […]

Bike Washing Machine Concept Sounds Brilliant, But Is It Really Practical?

How do you juggle between the many household chores with exercise? Perhaps, cleaning up the house and doing laundry are already considered exercising, but what if, you can literally do both at the same time, like cycling on a stationary bike and doing laundry simultaneously? Impossible? Not according to a team of designers at Dalian […]

RhinoBoss Resistance Band System Wants to be Your Home Gym, Comes Complete Live Virtual Trainers Too

If hitting the gym for workouts seem like a gargantuan task to you, then you might want to consider working out at home or maybe even in your office. Obviously, having a decent exercise rig setup at home is not for everyone. Space is an issue, money is another. Lucky for you exercise fanatics, there […]

Runbell Lets You Courteously Warn Other Sidewalk Users That You Are Coming Through

Not many avid joggers have the luxury of wooded area and trails for their routine run. In fact, in this continuing urbanizing world, many of us have to make do, sharing congested sidewalks with other pedestrians. This is where the frustration arises. The frustration of having to repeatedly yell out that you are coming through, […]

Speed Rope 2.0 Wants You to Skip in Style and Never to Throw it Away

Not all skipping ropes are made equal. It is true you could grab one for under ten bucks, but you won’t get the performance and style, both of which the RPM Fitness Speed Rope 2.0 Skipping Rope has to offer. If you’re not into skipping, then you probably don’t know that there are several things […]

AIBI EZ Tone Desk Lets You Work On Your Laptop While Treadmilling

according a study, desk bound jobs kills. yes. you heard that right. kill as in ’cause the death of’ or ‘end of life as you know it’ and perhaps the most shocking revelation was, it doesn’t really matters if you managed to spend however long time to exercise regularly cos’ sitting down is still sitting […]

iPunch Gloves Keeps Tab On How Hard You Punch, Sounds Like Wii For Fighters

if you are super serious about the whole sports fighting thing, then you absolutely need proper training and someone to coach you, but in case you don’t have the dough to engage a coach or wanted some extra training in addition to your regular trainer, the iPunch Gloves is here to help. billed as the […]

Virtual KnockOut Boxing Trainer

whether you are an avid boxer or a fitness enthusiast, the Virtual KnockOut Boxing Trainer will provide you with the training and fitness routines you crave while injecting a wee bit of fun into it. the best part about the Virtual KnockOut Boxing Trainer is, you get to knock the virtual targets and not running the risk of…

Goji Play

ever wonder why your attention span on fitness machine such as the treadmill, is never as long as your Playstation or Xbox? because gaming is fun and seriously, walking or running is never as exciting (fitness freaks excluded from this statement, btw). heck, even watching Fox can’t take the reality of boredom away from a cycling