If you own a workout bench, or had a few before, you will notice it lacks of storage. Perhaps it was intentional so, you know, businesses can sell you a matching storage for your dumbbells. If that was the reason, then I believe businesses won’t be amused by what U.K.-based industrial designer, Oliver Perretta, has proposed.

KONDITION Workout Bench with Storage

Perretta is the designer of KONDITION, a workout furniture inspired by IKEA BEKANT’s “smart manufacture route of corner extrusions and stamped panels.” Indeed we can see the IKEA’s spirit in it.

It looks fantastic, blending exercise equipment into the home without making your living looking like a gym. Lets face it. Not everyone has a room to spare for a gym-at-home and making your living look like gym is not many have in mind for home workout.

KONDITION Workout Bench with Storage

The reclining “seat” allows KONDITION to serve as a workout bench as well as a bench or foot stool when for non-workout time. Best of all, it has a built-in storage, allowing you store your weights inside it and thereby creating a neat and tidy space. No more tripping over weights and that is awesome.

The drawer slides on load bearing rails of 100 kilograms (220 lbs) plus and there are small castors under it to aid in pulling the drawer which will be heavy with those dumbbells in it. The drawer appears to be some organization inside that keeps the dumbbells from moving around.

KONDITION Workout Bench with Storage

KONDITION lets you perform most workout bench-based workout effectively without cluttering your home. Plus, it is definitely way more aesthetically pleasing than today’s workout bench. Unfortunately, KONDITION Workout Bench with Storage is merely a concept. Hopefully, someone will pick this up and make it a reality.

KONDITION Workout Bench with Storage

Images: Instagram (perretta.dsgn).

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Source: Yanko Design.

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