E-Racer Pullback Racing Erasers

Eraser. The staple of our childhood education lives and depending on where you’re from, it may have one or more uses other than correcting mistakes, be it a game of tossing challenge or simply loaded one with staples to race them across the desk. But we shan’t dwell into that subject anyway, because the E-Racer Pullback Racing Erasers you see here will wipe all those off the history and could very well become the most fun (and literally, the fastest) eraser ever made without involving any ‘modification’ to the age-old trusty correction tool.

E-Racer Pullback Racing Erasers

Beneath its typical eraser appearance, i.e. one end for rubbing away pencil marks and the other, for erasing pen markings, it is actually a fully functional pullback toy car. So yes. there is a pullback spring mechanism buried inside this classic natural rubber eraser, complete with a set of rolling stocks, which makes it an awesome time-killing alternative. Perfect for those times when you’re tired of checking on Facebook, Twitter or Candy Crush, or perhaps, when your smartphone battery conks out from the extensive use of the aforementioned activities.

It comes as a pair, packed in a blister pack like most toy cars of this size do, which can be cut out to double as the finishing line for some serious rubber drag races. And oh, apparently, it is also a working eraser too. But you already know that, don’t you? At just $8.99, we can’t help to think that this will make an awesome Christmas gift this holiday season.

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Perpetual Kid via Toyland