Speed Rope 2.0 Wants You to Skip in Style and Never to Throw it Away

Not all skipping ropes are made equal. It is true you could grab one for under ten bucks, but you won’t get the performance and style, both of which the RPM Fitness Speed Rope 2.0 Skipping Rope has to offer. If you’re not into skipping, then you probably don’t know that there are several things […]

This Death Star Bluetooth Speaker Can Playback More Than Imperial March

Death Star is a nasty faux Moon that is capable of obliterating smaller planets to oblivion. It basically spells death and hence the name. However, this Death Star here is a miniature replica that will do a lot less harm than the actual thing. In fact, it is one Death Star that both Imperial fanatics […]

LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Laser Trainer Pistol Lets You Train Safely in the Comfort of Your Home

These are not your kids’ Laser Tag. The LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Laser Trainer Pistol are trainer pistols new for 2015 with integrated lasers, suitable for those who want to practice trigger control outside of the range (likely in the privacy of their homes). Two models are being offered, differentiated only by the physical size. Whichever […]

For $300, Personal Music Enjoyment Could Be a Social Experience with Muzik On-ear Headphones

We have a feeling the Muzik On-ear Headphones may be a hit in this sharing-obsessed society. Today, we share everything on social media, partly fueled by the ease of sharing with today’s smart mobile devices. But as far as music is concerned, Muzik On-ear Headphones aims to make it even easier, by letting you share […]

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch: No Time Traveling, But Still 100% Awesome

We’re sorry to disappoint, but time travel is an impossibility, at least for now, and even if it was possible, I guess we will never know. Still, that doesn’t make time traveling any less attractive and that’s precisely what fueled the popularity of sci-fi flicks like Back to the Future. Forget about how you could […]

Alpha, Alienware’s Steam Machine Pushes Into the Market, Starts at $549

If you’ve been looking forward to Alienware’s iteration of Steam Machine since January this year, well, then this piece of news is going to rock your world. Alienware Alpha, as it is officially called, is now available in-store as we speak from Walmart and Fry’s, as well as online from Alienware web store. It is […]

These Unique Tablet Stands Are Fashioned Out of Century Old Railroad Track

If you’re the type who love to stand out with the products and accessories you use, then we’re very sure these tablet stands made from reclaimed railroad tracks will be of an interest to you. Handcrafted by Nashville-based Rail Yard Studios and presented by accessory maker Griffin, these tablet stands are made from actual rail […]

Stellé Audio Soups Up Its Pillar Wireless Speakers with Wood Finishes

Some products looked so good that they hardly need any redesign. One such example is the Stellé Audio Pillar Bluetooth Speaker which we last seen in 2013. Just when we thought this unique portable wireless speaker can’t get any better, Stellé Audio introduced a new variety that’s dressed in wood. Now, how many times you […]

75 Years of Marvel Comics: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen

So you think you’re the biggest Marvel fan? Well, if you say so. We won’t judge, but whether you are (mega fan) or not, we think the 75 Years of Marvel Comics: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen (TASCHEN, ISBN 978-3836548458) is a must-have book, even if you only have a tint of […]

E-Racers Take on a Whole New Meaning with These Pullback Racing Erasers

Eraser. The staple of our childhood education lives and depending on where you’re from, it may have one or more uses other than correcting mistakes, be it a game of tossing challenge or simply loaded one with staples to race them across the desk. But we shan’t dwell into that subject anyway, because the E-Racer […]