Electric Rabbit Corkscrew

Electric Rabbit Corkscrew
(photos: Metrokane) Electric Rabbit Corkscrew | US$50.00 | www.metrokane.com

you know what’s standing between you and a bottle of great wine? the cork. that’s what it is. a cork seems like an easy obstacle to get rid off but ask yourself this: how many times have you struggled to remove that seemingly harmless cork using the traditional corkscrew. probably all the time. this is the time to call for something with assisted power, like this Electric Rabbit Corkscrew. for $50 you will snag yourself a sleek cylindrical style electric-powered corkscrew, complete with an illuminated LCD screen that shows the number of cork pulls left and a recessed spiral for locking onto the bottle, allowing you to pull the cork straight out. the latter seems like an unimportant routine but it is a fact that many folks made the mistake of tilting the corkscrew when pulling out the cork, resulting in cork breakage. it’s nightmare for any wine-drinking folks but not anymore with this powered and guided contraption. plus, it look kind of sleek. oh what? we said that before?

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