a portrait of Steve Jobs created from old MacBook Pro parts

Mint Foundry Steve Jobs Portait 544x630px
(photos: Mint Digital)

since the news of the death of Apple’s former CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs, the world has seen a host of tribute coming from fans from around the world. however, there’s no tribute that can be more appropriate than what Mint Foundry, a research team at London and New York based firm Mint Digital, has created. the team has created a portrait of Steve Jobs but this is no ordinary portrait, it is a portrait made up from a disassembled MacBook Pro. a fitting tribute to the man who, among other beautiful innovations, created the MacBook Pro and redefined how we look at mobile computing forever. i am no hardcore fan of Apple but like everybody else out there, i appreciate every bit of what this man and one fruity company has contributed to the world of technology. sure, it takes more than one man to recreate the landscape of computing but it takes one man’s vision to initiate all that. it was a pretty amazing feat if we really sit back and think about it. what you see above is just a shrink down size of this amazing portrait but you can check out a larger version over HERE.
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Mint Foundry via DVICE

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