The last we heard, being on the dark side was never relaxing, but in the event you do find the time to chill amidst all the chaos and hopeless Stormtrooper shootings, well, then here’s the throne you may want to relax on. Created by Etsy seller DSDStudio, The Dark Side Armchair, as it is called, is designed in the likeness of the Sith Lord’s helmet. However, it does not look like it was Darth Vader’s helmet from the front where you are supposed to rest your butt on, but from the back, you will see the full glory of the iconic black helmet that made heavy breathing so cool.

Custom The Dark Side Armchair by DSDStudio

Obviously, this one won’t expel air, nor will it draw create air; the only air that will be coming out of it is when you fart while sitting on it. Anywho, I didn’t expect to find myself saying this, but this chair is probably the coolest movie-inspired chair since Game of Thrones iron throne toilet bowl and it could be even a tad cooler than the Star Trek Original Series Captain’s Chair Replica from a few years ago. However, while it does make our cool chair chart, it have to know that the The Dark Side Armchair does not come cheap; not even remotely cheap.

Expect it to suck no less than $11,999.99 of your Galactic credits. Nah, just kidding. You can’t use Galactic credits for this. Instead, you will be needing Benjamin Franklin, heaps of him actually (a piece of Salmon P. Chase and a couple of Grover Cleveland, if you have those, will do too) in exchange for this cool chair from the galaxy far, far away. Go check it out.

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Custom The Dark Side Armchair by DSDStudio

Images: DSDStudio.

Etsy via Sci-Fi Design.

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