Here’s a wonderful idea for digital detox – specifically, getting your hands off the phone, but without missing the info that came through to your phone. Folks, this is Tidbyt (pronounced as ’tidbit’).

Tidbyt Lo-Fi Retro Smart Display

Tidbyt is a lo-fi smart display that lets you in on the weather, stocks, transit and whatnot, without having to pull your phone out. It is as simple as that. And it looks super cool too. It is a perfect union of solid walnut enclosure and a pixel-style 64-by-32 pixels display.

All you have to do is to set it once with your phone and Tidbyt will stay updated through its WiFi connection. What appears on Tidbyt is, of course, customizable by you using a dedicated app.

Tidbyt Lo-Fi Retro Smart Display

The level of customizable is pretty deep too, allowing you to schedule what you want to see and when. For example, you can set it to display public transport schedule in the morning, or just let it cycle through the apps you have selected.

As far as display goes, it has adjustable brightness. You can tweak the brightness with your phone, or enable Night Mode for bed time.

Tidbyt Lo-Fi Retro Smart Display

There is an auto-dimming function that automatically adapts the brightness as the sun rises and sets. The clever part is, auto-dimming will remain at the brightness you have set for the day, and gradually goes dim as the day turns night.

Finally, you can explore the potential of Tidbyt with self-built applets.

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Tidbyt is a Kickstarter campaign that has rolled in over $800K in funding from nearly 5,000 backers. It is now on its last 10 hours and so, if you want one, be sure to act it now. Prices start at US$159.

Tidbyt Lo-Fi Retro Smart Display

Images: Tidbyt.

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