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tangled earphones has plagued music-loving mankind for a long time now. as innovative creatures, mankind has came up with several ways in a bid to resolve this tangling issue. we have seen cord winder that came with mid- to high-end earbuds in the nineties and more recently, all out flat cables or ‘tangle-free’ fabric cords but still, one problem remains: if it has the length it will still tangle. it is like the cure for common cold where not one prescription will guarantee to work. this is where CordCruncher comes in. it may look as sleek as we would have love but hey, as long it gets the job done, it’s awesome. this pair of buds can be adjusted from a short 16″ (40 cm) to 3.5 feet (1 meter) and when you are done, you can twine it around your wrist and turn it into a fashionable bracelet or around your neck as a necklace. even if you decide to stuff it into your bag, you can be sure that it will be ready to use the moment you retrieve it, instead of spending time to untangle your earphones. CordCruncher addresses two issues that has constantly bugging us: entanglement and getting the correct length for different situation. so we don’t see what’s not to like about it. the CordCruncher can be yours for a special pre-order sticker of $19.99. a short product video follows after the break.

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CordCruncher via Mercury News

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