RhinoBoss Resistance Band System and Virtual Gym

If hitting the gym for workouts seem like a gargantuan task to you, then you might want to consider working out at home or maybe even in your office. Obviously, having a decent exercise rig setup at home is not for everyone. Space is an issue, money is another. Lucky for you exercise fanatics, there is the Rhino Resistance Band System. I am sure you are familiar with resistance band workouts, but what sets RhinoBoss apart is the types of workout you can do with its specially design hardware – all impact-free, of course. Perfect for those who suffer from things like knee injuries. It is a complete workout system; it is almost like a gym set that you could own without breaking the bank or take away precious indoor real estate.

RhinoBoss Resistance Band System and Virtual Gym

It a compact equipment which you can stash under your bed when not in use and as far as usage is concern, it affords you a suite of exercises and even lets you to dictate the resistance by adding or subtracting the bands, or shortening or lengthening the band to suit your stature or workout type. But the hardware is just half of the story. What RhinoBoss is trying to sell here is somewhat like gym membership, but without stepping outside of your cosy home. It is definitely not the “As Seen on TV” kind of thing where you are thrown with the product and an “instructional” DVD which you probably never watch. Well, you still get step-by-step instructions, but you will be getting live through HD webcam (laptop not provided though), just like you would in a gym.

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RhinoBoss Resistance Band System and Virtual Gym

RhinoBoss product owners will be granted access to a group of certified personal trainers, where you can choose group or one-on-one training, or simply catch the instructions live. And they will even arrange a one-on-one nutritionist too, if you ever want one. Not sure about the cost on that one though. The RhinoBoss Resistance Bands and Virtual Gym is available through Kickstarter, starting at $49. As with any Kickstarter campaigns, it will need attain its set funding goal in order to become a reality. But seriously, we quite see a problem there cos’ it is already more than 50 percent funded with 45 more days on the calendar. Continue reading to catch the product pitch video.

RhinoBoss System - Handle Curls

RhinoBoss System - Back Lunge

RhinoBoss System - Mountain Climbers

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