Altra Running Lone Peak Neoshell Trail Shoes

If you love trail running, or basically just running, we bet you have experienced scenario like waterproof on the outside, waterlogged on the inside. Yes. We are talking about waterproof trail shoes, which are sometimes not quite as waterproof as you might have expected. Why? The key is breathability. While many trail shoes excels in keeping water out, they also impedes the flow of air which will inevitable lead to soaked feet, but this time round, it is not the water on the outside that makes your feet wet; it is your own sweat. Obviously, that isn’t the most ideal scenario, which Altra Running Lone Peak Neoshell Trail Shoes aims to address.

Based on the firm’s Lone Peak trail shoes, the Neoshell version affords waterproofing property trail runners wished for, while maintaining breathability, flexibility, along with comfort and toe room (thanks to Polartec’s Neoshell performance fabric, of course). Additionally, it is outfitted with Sandwiched StoneGuard which, as its name implies, keeps your feet protected from rocks and other debris which you may encounter along the trails and then there is also the Sticky rubber TrailClaw outsole that will provides the traction you will need to tackle a wide range of trail condition. Finally, there is the GaiterTrap, which boasts full compatibility with Altra Trail Gaiters to further keep your feet dry and debris out of the shoes.

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The Altra Running Lone Peak Neoshell Trail Shoes is expected to hit the stores in August 2015 for $149 a pair.