Meet Reebok’s First Ever Plant-based Running Shoe, Reebok Forever Floatride GROW

You can’t be a true health-conscious, eco warrior when you are still wearing running shoe made with “conventional” materials that are probably made at the expense of the environment. For a true eco warrior, you may want to look to the upcoming Reebok Forever Floatride GROW Running Shoe.

White Mountaineering Gave Classic adidas Nite Jogger A Modern Twist And It Is Looking Super Dope

adidas footwear collectors may not want to miss this new collaboration (the second one, we believe) between the Germany sportswear brand and Japanese label White Mountaineering. Japanese designer Yosuke Aizawa’s White Mountaineering has given classic adidas Nite Jogger a modern spin. The adidas Originals x White Mountaineering Nite Jogger was first seen at the Paris […]

Nike Joyride Cushioning System Uses Thousands Of Beads To Offer Customized Cushioning

Cushioning in shoes used to be just foam. Sometime along the way, air came into play and now, Nike thinks that beads could be it. You heard that right. Beads for cushioning. Nike Joyride is a Nike-only, proprietary cushioning system involving thousands of TPE beads. It kind of feels like bean bag, except that the […]

These Are Under Armour’s New UA HOVR Connected Shoes

If you haven’t been a fan of Under Armour, you may not have know that Under Armour have been selling connected running shoes, AKA smart shoes. The first of UA’s connect shoes were introduced early last year at CES and a year on, earlier this year, the company introduced two new pairs: UA HOVR Phantom […]

Meet Altra IQ, The World’s First Smart Running Shoes That Logs More Than Speed And Distance

If your are serious about running, then you will want to know more than just how far and how fast you are running; you need more data, which by your own means, is not attainable. Only pro athletes will be treated to such luxury, but Altra IQ Smart Running Shoe Powered By iFit wants to […]

Nike Releases Limited Edition Gold Lunar Caldra To Mark Ashton Eaton’s New World Record

Nike has released a limited edition gold version of the Lunar Caldra running shoes to mark Ashton Eaton’s achievement at the IAAF World Championships on August 28, 2015, when the decathlete broke the world record which he had set three years before. As you may have guessed, he did wearing Nike cross-training shoe, the Nike […]

Speakers-equipped Running Vest Lets You Run And Listen To Music Without Cutting Out Environment Noises

Running while listening to your favorite tunes can boost your performance, but not without its danger. Danger like being cut off from the all-important environment noises such as approaching automobile. Damson solves this by introducing bone conduction headphones by introducing sound directly to your skull so your ears can remain open to hear other ambient […]

Altra Running Lone Peak Neoshell Keeps Water Out, But Won’t Turn Your Feet into a Sweat Sock

If you love trail running, or basically just running, we bet you have experienced scenario like waterproof on the outside, waterlogged on the inside. Yes. We are talking about waterproof trail shoes, which are sometimes not quite as waterproof as you might have expected. Why? The key is breathability. While many trail shoes excels in […]

Adidas miCoach SMART RUN Watch

when training on your own, a wearable fitness tracker would be a great help, but not just any tracker, it has to be something like the Adidas miCoach SMART RUN Watch. despite being a small wrist-worn device, this smartwatch is as competent as a fitness tracker could ever be, which is why Adidas has boldly claim that the miCoach SMART RUN

Nike Air Pegasus 83/30 “Mineral Teal” Shoes

one of the oldest running shoes under sporting gear giant Nike is the Air Pegasus, making it among the most recognizable kicks under the Oregon-based footwear giant’s catalogue. over the years, Air Pegasus has evolved and has pretty much becomes the mainstay in Nike’s running collection. marking its 30th anniversary this year