Cushioning in shoes used to be just foam. Sometime along the way, air came into play and now, Nike thinks that beads could be it. You heard that right. Beads for cushioning. Nike Joyride is a Nike-only, proprietary cushioning system involving thousands of TPE beads. It kind of feels like bean bag, except that the beads are not loosely packed like in a bean bag. The beads are placed within zonally-tuned pods like so:

By zoning them, Nike said it allows the foam to expand in all directions. The system foam a dynamic footbed that conform to your foot and thus, offering a personalized footbed for your feet.

Nike said these beads provide a unique sensation that “is almost like running on bubbles.” Nike Joyride is first released as Nike Joyride Run Flyknit. It is available to Nike Members as of July 25 with global release expect to happen on August 15. This is just the start.

Like the Air, Joyride will available in future silhouettes, tuned specifically for their unique purposes and these include the Nike Joyride NSW, Nike Joyride NSW Setter, the women’s exclusive Nike Joyride NSW Optik, and the Nike Joyride Kids Nova. The new Nike Joyride Run Flyknit is price at $120 and up.

All images courtesy of Nike, Inc..

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