Wait. Did I miss the memo about raised midsole (read: platform) is OK for running? Aren’t the truth the opposite? Like, the flatter the sole, the better? I mean, for stability’s sake? I am confused. Anyways, here it is the Nike ZoomX Vista Grind Sneakers. They are running shoes, alright (kind of). It is bold, striking and all, but what I can’t get over is, how thick is the sole.

Nike described it as having “bold features” and it is a pair of kicks that “blends traditional running DNA with an exaggerated lifestyle platform.” I am pretty sure the “platform” in the “exaggerated lifestyle platform” is a literal meaning. It is a platform sneakers, right? That being said, Nike ZoomX Vista Grind is not quite designed for running per se; it is designed for “running” around the city, said Nike.

Nike ZoomX Vista Grind Sneakers

Note: this part on “running” is not literal. It is a fashion piece; a fusion of streetwear and high fashion. So, yeah, it is not quite a sport shoes, at least not quite those you expect from the sport shoe giant. It not being an actual sport shoe does make sense. Seriously, you are going to run (pun very much intended) the risks of twisting your ankles with that skyscraper-level of platform if you sprint in it.

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Fun fact: the midsole packs production scraps from ZoomX running shoes. The kicks were announced early last month (July) and so, reassure this is NOT an April’s Fool prank. In fact, Nike ZoomX Vista Grind is available since July 4, 2019, or a least a couple of colors were.

You can find it on Nike.com, selling for $160 a pair.

All images courtesy of Nike, Inc..

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