This is a Ferrari. But where are the wheels? Well, it does need any because, this handsome fellow is a speed boat, or to be precise, it is a 1952 Ferrari Arno XI Racing Boat. Or to be even more precise, it is a hydroplane. Pretty futuristic-looking for something born out of the 50s, don’t you think?

Powered by a race-prepped 4.5L V12 motor that yielded between 550 and 600 HP, paired to an unnamed automatic gearbox, the 1952 Ferrari Arno XI Racing Boat was a racing hydroplane specimen built with breaking the World Speed Record on water in mind.

1952 Ferrari Arno XI Racing Boat

Originally proposed by racing champion/water speed record setter Achille Castoldi and blessed by the legend himself, Enzo Ferrari, 1952 Ferrari Arno XI Racing Boat was built by Cantieri Timossi, with advises from Scuderia F1 team, from hardwood, furnished in mahogany veneer. Castoldi piloted this futuristic-looking speed demon-on-water to a top speed of 150.49 mph – a record which still stands to this day.

After a short illustrious career, Arno XI was sold to an engineer who then revised the aerodynamics to further boost its stability and entered it into a race in 1965 where it came in second. After that, the watercraft continued to grace several boat shows, did some parade laps before it was retired for good.

As the one and only boat to ever have been powered by Scuderia Ferrari, the 1952 Ferrari Arno XI Racing Boat has a special significance and hence, it was completely restored by Ferrari Classiche.

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It is now being put up for sale at duPont REGISTRY with strong provenance, including a well-documented history file with hundreds of period photographs and handwritten notes from Prancing Horse marque’s engineers, plus copy of the U.I.M. record certification as proved of Castoldi’s speed record made in 1953.

We do not know the price. However, if you are familiar with duPont REGISTRY, you will know to touch base with the organization to express your interest.

Images: duPont REGISTRY.

Source: Uncrate.

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