If your are serious about running, then you will want to know more than just how far and how fast you are running; you need more data, which by your own means, is not attainable. Only pro athletes will be treated to such luxury, but Altra IQ Smart Running Shoe Powered By iFit wants to change that. It turns any amateur runners into a pro, well, not in terms of performance, but data acquisition for real-time analyzing. Embedded in a hollowed out groove on both shoes is a flexible, razor-thin multi-sensor system that will pick up data like foot strike zone, ground contact time, running cadence, left versus right foot favoring, and foot-specific pressure.

The sensor will also record the pace, distance with the time and date. The collected data is sent wirelessly through Bluetooth to an iFit app or iFit tracker where you, or your trainer, can then analyze your performance in real-time. Having sensor along the bed of the shoes sound like a hindrance, but Altra Footwear promised its design is totally invisible and imperceptible by the runner, and it will not be detrimental to your performance, nor will it alter the feel of the foot bed.

Other key features include 360-degree reflectivity around the upper, electronics rated for over a million cycles of bending (or about 600 miles, or 966 km), built for rain and normal outdoor running, lightweight construction of just 8.6 ounces (243g), Altra’s signature FootShape toe box, and Altra’s Zero Drop sole. The electronic package is powered by replaceable CR2032 coin batteries that will remain dormant when the shoe is not in motion.

Altra IQ Smart Running Shoe Powered By iFit will be coming onto the market Spring 2016 and will be available through specialty running shoe retailers, as well as AltraRunning.com, priced at $199.99 a pair. Utah-based Altra Footwear is currently showcasing Altra IQ Powered By iFit Smart Running Shoe at CES where the company has demo at iFit booth (#73914) in Sands Expo Center.

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