R2D2 VaderBuster Cosplay Costume by Roger P Cosplay

Do you folks remember the mysterious Hulkbuster x R2-D2 mash-up action figure from 2018? Well, someone has made it real, well, as a cosplay costume. In fact, the costume, aptly called R2D2 VaderBuster, was created as far back as 2021 by Bay Area cosplayer Roger P Cosplay.

R2D2 VaderBuster Cosplay Costume by Roger P Cosplay
R2-D2 meets R2-D2 on Ster-droid.

Roger aka @hummin_h2 is a serial cosplayer for huge costumes. His works include mutant Omega Red, Spider-Man arch-nemesis Rhino and Juggernaut, the Red Hulk, The Sentinels, Transformers Bumblebee, and Transformers Optimus Prime, just to name a few.

Not a lot is known about the super cool R2D2 VaderBuster Cosplay Costume. We do know it lights up and have speakers for the signature R2 sound effect.

It is an impressive costume that demands everyone’s attention.

R2D2 VaderBuster Cosplay Costume by Roger P Cosplay

According to the man himself, getting dressed up in the costume would take 8-10 minutes. That makes me think… what about using the restroom? Do they have bathrooms for muscle droids of this size? God. I have so many questions!

If Princess Leia had this. She wouldn’t need to send R2 out to get help from Kenobi. OK. Maybe this “buster” is good for throwing stormtroopers around like ragdolls. Pretty sure Vader’s force still has the super hand. It’s not like R2 is Batman, right?

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If anyone’s interested, @hummin_h2 will be at this year’s VACA-CON (April 22). Though it is not clear what costume will he be suited in. In the meantime, we recommend hitting up Roger’s Instagram page for more of him in his awesome cosplay costumes.

Images: Instagram (@hummin_h2).