What is it with the fashion industry that designers have to draw inspiration from everyday, and often cheap, items? Perhaps, we are seeing a design apocalypse where ideas are running thin? Whatever it is, we have a feeling it will not stop and the latest to fall into this cheap-turn-opulent design fad is this giant-ass paperclip from Prada and arguably the most expensive paperclip in the world. There’s no official record for it, but seriously, at $185 a pop, it got to be the priciest paperclip ever. However, it is not quite the paperclip you have imagined.

Prada Paperclip-shaped Money Clip Spotted On Barneys
Credit: Barneys.

This is actually a money clip that took inspiration from a seemingly mundane stationery called paperclip. Ok, technically, it is still a paperclip since its purpose is to hold money and money are essentially made of paper. So, yeah, paperclip it is and hence, it should be the world’s most expensive paperclip. But this being a Prada product that costs $185, it is obviously not your highly bendable, stainless steel variety; it is of sterling silver, polished, naturally, and boasts Prada’s branding embossed at one side and it is made in Italy, so you’d know it is well worth the hefty asking price.

While big, it is not actually a lot larger than the larger office variety, coming in at 6.25 x 2.25 cm (2.5 x 0.88 inches) and therefore, you will want to make sure you don’t lose it. The best way of not losing is to ensure there are bills loaded in it always and if you are considering buying one, I’d say you won’t have a problem with that. While kind of ridiculous, Prada Paperclip-shaped Money Clip at least have one practical use over a leather wrapped rock. Just saying…

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Images: Barneys.

Barneys via Aol.

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