Well, it looks like Amazon isn’t the only place where you can acquire weird stuff. As it turns out, Nordstrom has at least one really weird thing you can buy: stone. Ok, to be precise, it is a leather wrapped stone, which is aptly called Medium Leather Wrapped Stone. Duh. I guess at 85 dollars a pop, Medium Leather Wrapped Stone is one of those things a person would buy if he or she has pretty much everything in life. Anyways, a little more about this curious rock. Apparently, this naturally occurring hard mineral matter hails from Los Angeles (hmmm, L.A., stone?) and the leather it cosy in is handcrafted by artist Peter Maxwell at his L.A. studio.

Medium Leather Wrapped Stone
Just to be sure you know what you are getting into

So, this product is kind of like a pro-L.A. merchandize. I think. Though we are not sure if the stone is handcrafted or not. It is really confusing, cos’ under the product description, Medium Leather Wrapped Stone was stated as “handmade in the USA” which implied the rock is handmade too. No? I don’t know. Also, it doesn’t help that the product page are pretty suggestive when it comes to its uses. Maybe, we shouldn’t overthink. Maybe it is just an abstract art and if that’s the case, it is a little wonder that I don’t understand a wee bit. But likely, the highlight is in the leather.

In case 3 x 4 1/2 x 2 inches rock is a little too big for your liking, you’d be glad to know there’s a smaller version at a more affordable price of ‘only’ 65 bucks. Hey, you never that carrying a rock wrapped in leather could be the latest craze.

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Medium Leather Wrapped Stone

Image: Nordstrom.

via Gizmodo

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