$425 Mud-coated Jeans, Because You Shouldn’t Have To Work For Mud

Nordstrom is no stranger to expensive fashion, but as it seems, the fashion retail giant has a penchant for the weird and quirky products too. After trying to sell you a 85 bucks rock, Nordstrom again made headline and this time it’s for selling a pair of fake mud-coated jeans for a cool $425. What […]

Want A Rock? Nordstrom Is Glad To Sell You One With Leather To Boot

Well, it looks like Amazon isn’t the only place where you can acquire weird stuff. As it turns out, Nordstrom has at least one really weird thing you can buy: stone. Ok, to be precise, it is a leather wrapped stone, which is aptly called Medium Leather Wrapped Stone. Duh. I guess at 85 dollars […]