What is a metal band, has screw thread pattern cut or pressed, has a captive screw on one end and use to clamp a hose into a fitting? If a hose clamp is your answer, you are half right because it could also be a bracelet. Wait, what? A bracelet that looks like a hose clamp? Well, it may sound totally bonkers and absolutely surreal but yes, those are the designs you find on the Balenciaga Tool Bracelet.

Balenciaga Tool Bracelet In Silver

Balenciaga Tool Bracelet is a bracelet inspired by an everyday hose clamp. Are you surprised? Of course, you are not. It is Balenciaga! Or should we say, it is today’s design trend?

In any case, don’t try to use to clamp any fitting because the only thing it will slip-on is a human’s wrist and you want to make sure of that because at US$950 a pop (or US$659 after discount), this “hose clamp” is a luxury.

Balenciaga Tool Bracelet In Silver

Thankfully, this brass-made bracelet has Balenciaga branding to remind you that it is NOT a hose clamp. Also, I don’t believe the top screw is functional. I could be wrong, though.

Balenciaga Tool Bracelet In Silver

Images: Balenciaga [US].

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