Well, you know what? The Tesla Cyberquad for Kids ain’t the only new Cybertruck-related product to surface in recent weeks. Here’s another: a whistle.

Tesla Cyberwhistle is Inspired by Cybertruck

Yes. My friends, you heard that right. Tesla Motors, the electric car maker, is selling a whistle. And not just any whistle. It is, ermmm, a Cyberwhistle. No prize for guessing where the whistle took its design inspiration from.

Bearing the familiar geometric shape of the upcoming all-electric pickup truck, the Cyberwhistle is described as a “premium collectible” and it is made from medical-grade stainless steel with a polished finish.

Tesla Cyberwhistle is Inspired by Cybertruck

It is also further described to come with “an integrated attachment feature for added versatility” but honestly, I have absolutely no idea what it means. All I know is that it is a whistle and it cost a pretty penny by any whistle’s standards.

But at 50 bucks apiece, it is not stopping it from flying off the shelves. Yesterday, it was still a couple of days ago. But today, it’s all gone.

Tesla Cyberwhistle is Inspired by Cybertruck

And no. I don’t believe it can be used to summon your yet-to-be-delivered Cybertruck.

All images courtesy of Tesla Motors.

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