No self-respecting fans of Nike should not know the sporting goods brand’s history and that is what makes this Lightning Vol. 150 Nike Chronicle Deluxe (Ei-Publishing, ISBN-13 978-4777938612) a must-have. Granted, it only chronicles collection between 1971 to 1980, but you ought to admit, this hardcover coffee table book is probably the closest you will ever get to owning those items between those years.

A result of a cooperation Nike collectors across Japan, this 300+ page literature features anything from sneakers to clothing and even some accessories that now hard-to-find. This 2016 edition is in fact a new edition with specially curated new content, including what Nike was most noted for in the 80s: the Air Jordan line of basketball shoes that were released in 1985 (wait, shouldn’t it be late 84′? Hmmm).

Lightning Vol. 150 Nike Chronicle Deluxe Book

Anyways, be prepared to be treated to photo galore of some of the world’s most drool-worthy sneakers. There’s catch here, though. This is a Japanese market book and therefore, the entire book is in Japanese, saved for the product names. But hey, like who cares right? We are not historians. We are in the age of media-consuming age and hence, product names, year and crisp images are all that matters. Plus, you can’t deny that, Japanese or not, this book will make a perfect addition to any Nike-themed man cave.

If you are keen, you can find the Lightning Vol. 150 Nike Chronicle Deluxe on Uncrate ($70), or if you prefer, you can pick it up as a pre-order on Amazon for $63.99, or just $26.36 for the Kindle edition. Oh, in case you have been wondering, “Lightning” is a lifestyle magazine heavily influenced by American culture that dabbles in a wide range of lifestyle stuff, including fashion, automotive, hobbies and more.

Lightning Vol. 150 Nike Chronicle Deluxe Book

Images: Ei-Publishing.

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