Click and Grow Smartpots

Click and Grow Smartpots
Click and Grow Smartpots | US$59.99 |

we suspect many of us, geeks included, has the green thumb if weren’t consumed by the technological advancements. that and our urban dwellings sometime do not permit us from showing off the greener side of ourselves but fear not, even if you do not have a huge yard or a dedicated greenhouse for you to wield your talent in nurturing the greens, you can still do it in a miniature scale with the Click and Grow Smartpots. for starter, it is a high-tech smartpot, thus befitting the image of any modern day, tech-orientated geeks. exist as a starter kit, it comes with a plant cartridge containing plant seeds, nutrients and software that measures and delivers exactly what your plant needs. no dealing of dirt and handling of spades or whatsoever. all you have to do is to pop in the batteries, top up the water tank, and let your little green thing bathe in a reasonably sunny spot. after which, you shall witness the fruit of your labor grow and feeling good that your modern home is getting a wee bit of green. the Click and Grow Smartpots can be yours for $59.99 a pop. check out a product intro video after the break.

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