Louis Vuitton MALLE COIFFEUSE Beauty Trunk

Any true Louis Vuitton fan will know what LV is best known for. Yes. It is its trunks. You know that the iconic monogram suitcases had accompany countless folks on their journeys around the world, but do you know, the Parisian fashion house’s trunks are more than just classy receptacle for garments?

There are in fact trunks that open up to reveal a full suite of storage for makeup paraphernalia, complete with multiple mirrors and a folding stool to boot. Yes. It is exists and it is called MALLE COIFFEUSE, or simply known as Beauty Trunk in English.

Louis Vuitton MALLE COIFFEUSE Beauty Trunk

It features the brand’s coveted coated monogram canvas, natural cowhide leather handles, lock closure, Rose Ballerine microfiber lining, golden brass hardware, wooden trays and perspex drawers with natural cowhide leather trimmings, opening compartments on the top, and not one, not two, but three mirrors.

Louis Vuitton MALLE COIFFEUSE Beauty Trunk is available to anyone who’s willing to drop, wait for it… £140,000 (about US$170,000+) for it. I know. It’s a princely sum, but surely, LV is not lacking of filthy rich clienteles who are willingly to plonk down astronomical sum without so much as batting an eyelid.

Louis Vuitton Afternoon Tea Trunk

Anywho, Louis Vuitton MALLE COIFFEUSE Beauty Trunk is not alone in this specialized trunk category. There’s a variety of them, including a watch/cuff link trunk, a western afternoon tea trunk, an eastern tea set trunk, individual trunk for sneakers, and even a trunk designed for hard liquor lovers.

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I know. It sounds absolutely crazy, but if you are super rich and a super fan of Louis Vuitton, those are probably the only things you want in your home and when you are out traveling. Wait, do people actually do that? I mean, lugging around their own makeup desk and alcohol cabinet around when they travel?

Images: Louis Vuitton.

Source: Hypebae.