When Tesla Cybertruck was revealed, it became the talk of the Internet because of its unusual geometric shape design. It also caused quite a buzz because a matching ATV, known as Cyberquad, made an appearance with no mentioning.

Tesla Cyberquad Electric ATV for Kids

Fans’ interest was immediately piqued and many have wondered, will there be a Cyberquad for sale with the Cybertruck? Well, we now have an answer to this burning question and it is a ‘yes’.

That’s right. Tesla Cyberquad is real but there’s a catch: it is for kids. While the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is designed primarily for kids, weighing less than 150 lbs (68 kilograms) should, theoretically, be able to ride on it. Otherwise, you will have made do with a scale model that came with the latest remote control Cybertruck.

Tesla Cyberquad Electric ATV for Kids

Drawing inspirations from the radical Cybertruck design, the Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is an all-electric ATV that boasts a full steel frame, cushioned seat, rugged pneumatic tires, and adjustable suspension with rear disc braking and LED light bars.

No words on the motor used, but we do know that it can be configured to make a top speed of a respectable – kiddie ride speak, that is – 10 miles an hour (16 km/h).

Tesla Cyberquad Electric ATV for Kids

The unknown electric motor is paired to a removable lithium-ion battery good for up to 15 miles (24 kilometers) of range. Speaking of the battery, it comes with a custom-designed Cyberquad charger which looks super cool.

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The kiddie ride is recommended for children age 8 years and up, btw. But before you excitedly pull out your credit card, you have to know that this US$1,900 kiddie ride is already sold out.

Tesla Cyberquad Electric ATV for Kids

But are you even surprised that it was sold out in a jiffy? Probably not. Perhaps, this is a sign of fans’ pent-up frustration for not getting a Cybertruck (and also Cyberquad) in 2021?

Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is made by Radio Flyer – the same company that also made the Tesla Model S… kiddie ride.

Tesla Cyberquad Electric ATV for Kids

All images courtesy of Tesla Motors.

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