After much delay, the Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan was finally open for business last year. Fast forward to today, Universal Studios Hollywood has announced that it, too, will have the Super Nintendo World, making it the first in the United States.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood

The new Nintendo universe will be a visual spectacle of vibrant colors as it is in USJ, and features architectural ingenuity located within a newly expanded area of the theme park.

Expect to find groundbreaking rides and interactive areas designed with the entire family in mind. There will also be the requisite themed shopping and dining to further enhance the experience.

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood

While many behind-the-scenes works are being carried out to bring Super Nintendo World to Universal Studios Hollywood, the theme park has already Super Nintendo World-themed its Feature Presentation retail store.

The retail store, which is prominently located at the theme park’s main entrance, offers a selection of Super Mario merchandise including plush in a variety of sizes of iconic characters.

Images: Universal Studios Hollywood.

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