I am not here to judge. Although I would very much love to because, when you hear a beer maker has made tea that tastes like beer, you gonna want to jump on it. And yeah, you heard that right. “Beer tea” is a thing now and it is made by one of down under’s most celebrated brewer, Victoria Bitter, or VB in short.

Victoria Bitter Tea, as it is appropriately called, is made with Ceylon black tea and VB Super Pride Hops, the very hops that make VB so damn bitter. Honestly, VB has never been my choice of beer for the years I was living there. Similarly, tea has never been my cuppa and so, you can only imagine my horror upon learning about VB Tea.

Limited Edition Victoria Bitter Tea

Anyways, VB claims that the tea tastes like beer. But taste bud, as we all understand, differs from people to people and so I am pretty confident that some connoisseur out there may differ – if there’s even any connoisseur of beer tea at all. But why a tea that tastes like beer? Why VB Tea? Well, from the horse’s mouth:

“Boycott English Breakfast and drink VB tea. Because an early morning thirst needs a nice hot cuppa, and the best hot cuppa is tea. VB Tea.”

TBH, I still don’t get it. However, our source managed to dig out the real reason. The real reason for VB Tea is not because of breakfast, or why can’t you drink beer hot. It was created for Aussie cricket fans who are watching their countrymen competing in England this month, so they can have a dose of VB at any given time without being frown upon, or something like that.

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But why not alcohol-free beer like Heineken and some beer makers did? Well, that wouldn’t be all that English, would it? Tea is kind of a definitive English thing and since, these fans are in England, it is only fitting. I would imagine a non-alcoholic beer will be appropriate if the game was held in Germany (which will never happen, btw).

Last check, Victoria Bitter Tea is sold out. No words if they will be replenish. Personally, I see not. Anyways, it was selling for 10 bucks (Aussie dollars, presumably) for a pack of 24 Pyramid tea bags.

Images: Victoria Bitter.

Source: Oddity Central.

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