Not going to lie. I am not an out-of-the-box person. As much as I love modifying cars, I’d rather leave my LEGO sets as they were. But that’s just me. However, for some Adult Fans of LEGO (AFOLs), original designs are meant to be customized.

The three new LEGO Star Wars helmet sets were sent to a handful of AFOLs: Rokan Cheung (@tsutomu_clk), Simone Frige (@SimoneFrige), Lia von Damm (@bricksiren), and André Pinto (@BrickTheBrick), and they were asked specifically not to follow the instructions to a T and to add some of their creative flair to the build.

I am not sure what others are doing with other LEGO sets but as far as the super awesome LEGO Star Wars Helmets go, I think these guys totally own it. The results are, as you can see, absolutely brilliant.

For Lia von Dammn from the USA, the LEGO enthusiast did not mess with the main build. Instead, he created a diorama base for The Mandalorian and the Dark Trooper helmets. I know what I said about being a purist but man, I am inspired to do the same for my LEGO Batman cowl. Like, you know, maybe a custom stand with a miniature Batcave within?

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Meanwhile, Australia’s Rokan Cheung completed turned the Darth Vader helmet into a tiger-themed LEGO Darth Vader helmet and he also gave Luke Skywalker’s helmet a face and shoulders. I have to admit, it’s a little disturbing to be displaying a head, even if it’s brick-built, but Cheung’s creation is an absolute darling.

And then there is Simone Frige who switches out the black visor for a color version before rounding it up with a pair of brick-built headphones in a matching color scheme.

Finally, there is Portugal’s André Pinto who also chose to completely overhaul the look of the Dark Trooper and The Mandalorian helmets with striking colors. Pinto opts for a transparent red helmet cover for the Dark Trooper and rainbow colors for the shell and faceplate for The Mandalorian while retaining the frame’s gray/silver color. The results are brilliant.

The World of Customized LEGO Star Wars Helmets
André Pinto (@BrickTheBrick).

Featured image: André Pinto (@BrickTheBrick).

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