Joining the growing list LEGO buildable helmets/head sculpts collection which so far includes the likes of Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, The Dark Knight, and Venom are three new Star Wars helmets. The three new LEGO buildable helmets include the iconic Luke Skywalker, The Mandalorian, and Dark Trooper.

LEGO 75327 Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet

The Luke Skywalker helmet is, of course, based on the headgear he wore when he piloted the X-wing fighter as Red 5 in the Battle of Yavin. Meanwhile, The Mandalorian helmet is based on Din Djarin’s headgear as seen in the Disney+ series and the Dark Trooper is pretty much what it says it is. TBH, I am never a fan of the latter.

Special mention includes translucent red visor elements (technically, it should be yellow, isn’t it?), interior padding, and brick-built microphone found on Luke’s pilot helmet, and metallic LEGO elements that recreate the shine of beskar on The Mandalorian helmet.

LEGO Luke Skywalker The Mandalorian Dark Trooper Helmets

As with the previous buildable helmet collection, LEGO 75327 Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet, LEGO 75328 The Mandalorian Helmet, and LEGO 75343 Dark Trooper Helmet will come with a display-worthy stand and nameplate.

The new LEGO buildable helmets are available to pre-order starting today from with official availability on March 1st, priced at US$59.99. LEGO Stores and other major retailers will also carry the stock starting on March 1st.

LEGO Luke Skywalker The Mandalorian Dark Trooper Helmets

All images courtesy of LEGO Group.

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