LEGO is having a blast with dishing out buildable helmets/head sculpts. Joining Star Wars and Marvel is DC Comics’ very own Batman. Well, only Bat’s cowl only, of course.

LEGO 76182 DC Batman: Batman Cowl

Folks, meet the LEGO 76182 DC Batman: Batman Cowl, a brick build replica of the cowl of the Caped Crusader. And you know what? It actually looks pretty decent.

As with other helmet/head sculpt, it comes with a fact plaque attached to the base – just like a prized artifact.

When built, the 410-piece LEGO 76182 DC Batman: Batman Cowl stands over 8.5 inches (22 cm) tall, 4 inches (10 cm) across and 4 inches (12 cm) deep.

LEGO 76182 DC Batman: Batman Cowl

The LEGO 76182 DC Batman: Batman Cowl is available as we speak for US$59.99.

TBH, it is not cheap. Considering it has just 400+ pieces and the Darth Vader helmet, which has double the number pieces, sells for US$69.99, and the same price Imperial Probe Droid has 600+ pieces.

Anyhoo, that’s for grown ups age 18 and up. For kids, there is the LEGO 40386 Batman Illustration. It has just 115 pieces for building a collectible Brick Sketches portrait of the famous crime fighter of Gotham City.

LEGO 40386 Batman Illustration

The set includes a built-in hook for hanging it on the wall, or you can display it on the table with photos of your family of crime fighters.

I believe the LEGO 40386 Batman Illustration is a exclusive that sells for US$16.99. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

LEGO 40386 Batman Illustration

All images courtesy of LEGO Group.

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