Click Keypad Watch disguises itself as a computer keypad

Click Keypad Watch
(image: WATCHISMO) Click Keypad Watch | US$89.99 |

glancing at your wristwatch and telling the time is a no brainer task but if you are looking for challenges even for a simple task as such, then the Click Keypad Watch might just fit the bill. more so, if you are a geek at heart. it looks like a computer numeric keypad but really, it is not – which is what makes it outstanding awesome. on one hand, we are not a fan of challenging time telling task but on the other, its keypad like appearance draws the geek in us to it. a series of animated lights on each keypad buttons lights up to tell you the present time but be warned that you should not take your eyes of it cos’ you might just miss the all important time information. one thing that puzzles us is, how do we set the time or even know if we have indeed set the time? anyway, that’s just a thought. nevertheless, that thought did not derailed the attraction to the Click Keypad Watch and for once, the geeky side of us might just get ourselves some attention, well at least on our wrist. the Click Keypad Watch retails for $89.99 a pop and is available in five subtle hues: black, ivory, grey, blue, and brown. catch a few more look and a short product clip after the break.
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WATCHISMO via Oh Gizmo!

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