DIY Pennywise Sewer-lurking Scene

It has been two years since the last big screen movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, but recently, we found out that there is a trend in making the infamous sewer-lurking scene.

DIY Pennywise Sewer-lurking Scene

Apparently, it can be DIY-ed relatively cheaply using just cases for desktop organization, model brick blocks and artificial turf. You will, of course, have to pick up a Pennywise figure yourself and balloons, if you wish to include that.

It’s a horror movie, but I find myself strangely draw to this setup. Surely, I am not alone. Right, right?

The first creation surfaced back in 2018, but it could be going viral after the original brought up a topic of good recreation of the sewer-lurking scene. This also prompted manga artist Anno Nanaka to part take.

In a Tweet by the artist, she said the scene can actually be recreated for around 600 yen (about US$5.50). But that does not include paint, the said figure and whatever necessary to make it more realistic.

P.S. If you are planning to hitting up the manga artist’s Twitter, be warned that it is kind of NSFW.

Images: Twitter (@nanakamado_anno).