Artist Recreate Childhood Memories Through Mind-blowing Dioramas

Eddie Putera is a Malaysian artist with a knack for creating super realistic dioramas of his childhood memories. Scenes like tattered shop houses, complete with fruits store and a person repairing air conditioner, a K-bike parked idly on broken planks besides a tree and a run-down shed, and more were vividly recreated. Rapid urbanization may […]

Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

Batman is never complete without his trusty stay-in-the-cave butler Alfred Pennyworth and so is your collection of Batman action figures and collectibles. speaking of which, you can take your The Dark Knight collection a step closer

Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor Collectible Diorama

what’s the next most iconic thing from the big screen Iron Man? we think that would be Stark’s workshop where he stashes all his armor suits. with the movie-accurate Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor Collectible Diorama from Hot Toys, you can recreate Stark’s uber cool home workshop to complement your collection