Hard Graft Shore Collection

Hard Graft Dopp Kit / Shore
Hard Graft Shore Collection | from £145.00 | www.hardgraft.com

the demand for stylish products never cease. by now, your gadgets are probably covered by stylish accessories but what about the rest of your life? obviously, they also need a boost in the style department, if they haven’t already do. the new Hard Graft Shore Collection could help in this aspect. the collection comprises of the classic 2Unfold with a new old look, the Flat Pack in Shore, the Dopp Kit in Shore, as well as Square1 Holdall in Shore for your light traveling needs. these bags are crafted from vegetable tanned leather that is now signature to Hard Graft but instead of the usual wool felt, the bags have a new companion material: the British heavyweight waxed cotton canvas. essentially, the Shore collection is the beautiful Hard Graft products that you are familiar with turned out in Shore-style that combines the luxurious touch of hand selected leather and rugged wax canvas, which not give them a refreshed look but also make them tougher to meet the rigor of everyday use. the Hard Graft Shore Collection is available now with pricing as follows: £145 (around US$225) for the Dopp Kit/Shore; £195 (around US$302) for the Flat Pack/Shore, and the 2Unfold Laptop Bag/Shore and Square1 Holdall/Shore both will set you back at £375 (about US$580) each. click through for a few more look.

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